Poe's Magic Club

The best magicians in the world meet at Poe’s Magic Club – a historic secret society of mystery artists.

Keepers of Secrets & Mystery

Baltimore has a long history of magic! Some scholars in magic suggest it may go back further still.

World-Class Magic

The best magicians in the world meet at Poe’s Magic Club – a historic secret society of mystery artists.

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Amazing Magicians

A magic club existed in Baltimore that was composed of the World’s Greatest Magicians.

The Golden Age

This period of history was known as the Golden Age of Magic! 

A New Magic Union

Arthur D. Gans, Thomas C. Worthington III, and a few others however decided to form a stronger union among magicians.

Baltimore History

This Club was officially inaugurated on December 7, 1911, at Gans’ home in Roland Park.


Do you have what it takes to uncover Poe’s Magic Club’s Inner Secrets?

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Back from the Shadows

Emerging once again from the nebulous depths of obscurity, this enigmatic Club is orchestrating their covert rendezvous under the cloak of Baltimore’s moonlit streets. An air of anticipation clings to the city, pulsing with a thrill unknown to many yet intimately familiar to those part of this secret society. The dance of intrigue has begun anew, a promise of mysteries to unravel and thrills to chase.

It’s Showtime

Perform Wonders

We will be working closely with local club organizations for new talent. Talent will have VIP access to most shows at Poe’s Magic Theatre (PMT). PMT Illusionists will be able to meet and learn from the performers presenting at the Theatre. Illusionists like Peter Samelson (producer and performer at Monday Night Magic in New York), David Parr (winner on Penn & Teller: Fool Us), Vince Wilson (Host and producer of Poe’s Magic Theatre. Featured on Sept. 2022 cover of Linking Ring Magazine), and many more!

Magicians who are able to prove themselves with the proper levels of skill, personality, and sophistication, may be chosen for a Parlor Show Spotlight on Friday Nights.


Stars of Magic

The most famous magicians in the world visit and perform at Poe’s. Rub elbows with Stars of Magic and learn when made them successes. 

Perform at The Lord Baltimore Hotel

Club members will have the chance to perform at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. They will also train to be listed in our registry of World-Class Magicians.

Not just tricks

At Poe’s, club members will, of course, learn and practice magic, but they will also learn branding, promoting, and tips on performance.

The Future of Magic

Indeed, we want to help you get work too! We work with local businesses, the Lord Baltimore Hotel, and other venues to try to get gigs for our magicians. Our goal is to develop the next generations of magical performers.

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About Us

Most magic clubs tend to focus on hobbyist engagement and camaraderie, often lacking the resources and connections to actively advance the professional careers of aspiring magicians. 

In contrast, Poe’s Magic Club has established a robust network with industry professionals and offers tailored programs and opportunities, positioning itself as a vital stepping stone for those looking to turn their passion for magic into a successful career.


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