Join Poe's Magic Club

In the veiled shadows of time, where magic intertwines with history and the unexplained, there resides a prestigious organization of enigmatic allure. The Demons Club, brought into existence in the year 1911 in Baltimore’s hidden quarters, stands as a sanctuary for those attuned to the mystic arts. Within its guarded walls, luminaries such as Thurston, Kellar, Houdini, Dante, Alexander, Blackstone, and other magi shrouded in legend have gathered, their secrets etched in an unbroken chain of tradition and mastery.

To join our ranks is to enter a covenant beyond mere entertainment. It is to swear an oath of secrecy, to dedicate oneself to the eternal art of magic, to be a vessel of wonder, and to uphold standards of sorcery that transcend ordinary comprehension.

Welcome, dear apprentice, to a realm obscured by history and mystery. Welcome to our club, where prestige and the arcane intertwine, a place known only to those brave enough to seek mastery over the unexplainable. Prepare to embrace the unknown.